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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Tutorial Tuesday - Digital Paper Piecing

Welcome to another Tutorial Tuesday here at 2 Cute Ink! Today I have a little tutorial showing you how to paper piece digitally. Paper piecing is traditionally where you would stamp an image onto a few different pieces of paper and then layer them all together. It is a great way of 'colouring' and image using patterned paper.

To digitally paper piece is a little bit trickier but just as easy, once you have patience with a scissors! I used the adorable Puppy Love image for this tutorial.

Step 1
Print the digital image out to the size you want on a sheet of normal printer paper.

Step 2
Pick your first colour piece of paper you want to print onto. Using sellotape tape this down onto the printer paper. Make sure the tape is stuck down firmly with no bits sticking up, other wise it may get stuck in your printer!
Step 3
Print the image again.
Step 4
For the colours you want to print on next repeat the process. Just make sure to line up your coloured papers with the correct part of the image on the printer paper.You can see below I added a small strip of blue paper so that I could get the bandanna blue.
 And when it is printed....
Continue this way until you have all your colours done.

Step 5
To do the paper piecing you need a base image. I used the large brown card for my base image. To paper piece cut out the element you want. For the one below I carefully cut out the blue bandanna and then adhered it to the base image.
When cutting out the elements you need to cut just inside the printed line so that it fits perfectly into the base image. Continue to cut out all your elements. A tweezers to hold the tiny elements helps a lot, as does steady hands and a very sharp scissors!

You can see my completed image below. I kept my puppy on the brown base so that his face, bandanna and flower would all stand out on the image.

And here is my completed card....

I hope you liked this tutorial,

Happy Crafting!



  1. This is SO cute Nicole!!!! Great tutorial!!!

  2. I am so sure that my little brother would be willing to do this with me! The way you were able to layer the papers without the card seeming so bulgy is fantastic. Can you post tutorials for different patterns? Thanks! -->Jake